Coffee with Jose: Teasia Donut Shop Blend

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts!  Who is ready to try some of Teasia’s Donut Shop Blend? Here’s a little background on our 100% Arabica coffee k-cup. This classy, velvety blend makes the perfect up for all hours of the day. The flavor is bold and smooth with a twist.

When I prepared the Donut Shop k-cup, the aroma from my mug was really pleasant. To get the true flavors, I had my coffee  black and enjoyed the smooth and smoky tast. I’ve come to learn to enjoy black coffee at this point and Donut Shop blend is so far a really good tasting coffee for anyone who enjoys a great tasting cup of joe daily.  Since it was breakfast, I paired this with a sweet bread to balance each other nicely.

If you’re not the type of person who likes their coffee black, you can easily add some sugar and creamer to enhance the flavors.Donut Shop Blend_Black Coffee

Don’t forget, Teasia just came out with some new coffee blends in convenient k-cups.

  1. Breakfast Blend – Bright and crisp
  2. Donut Shop Blend – Classic velvety donut shop blend
  3. Teasia House Blend – Our hand-picked blend for our customers!
  4. French Roast Blend – Dark and luxurious

Comment below on what your favorite coffee is!

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