Coffee with Jose: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia at work

Mid-way through work I needed a mid-week push. Today’s coffee of choice was Ethiopia Yirgacheffe a coffee with exotic flavors along with some spices and herbs. One of the scents that I’m gathering from the coffee are herbs along with a nice smell of the coffee bean itself which are two of the main scents that stand out to me currently. My first sip was like drinking a cup of water soiled in herbs which provided me with an acidic and bitter taste. I would like to note that the coffee itself isn’t strong or super acidic but it is a flavor that one would have to grow into enjoying. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t drink a lot of coffee but instead to someone who enjoys a unique and complex cup of coffee. If I were to drink this coffee flavor again, I would add some creamer and sugar to sweeten up the taste to my liking.

Single Origin coffee from Ethiopia Yiracheffe is known as some of the highest quality Arabica coffee beans in the world and is known for its high quality and unique fragrance and distinctive flavor. For all those coffee connoisseurs out there, this is the one to try. We have whole roasted coffee beans and convenient k-cups to drink at the office.

Don’t forget, Teasia just came out with some new coffee blends in convenient k-cups.

  1. Breakfast Blend – Bright and crisp
  2. Donut Shop Blend – Classic velvety donut shop blend
  3. Teasia House Blend – Our hand-picked blend for our customers!
  4. French Roast Blend – Dark and luxurious

Comment below on what your favorite coffee is!

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