Coffee with Jose: House Blend

Coffee and a Pie

I started my work day with a fresh cup of Teasia House Blend in K-Cup form and so far, the aroma of the coffee is a perfect blend mixture of flavors. My first sip consisted of a smooth and smoky coffee flavor which I found to be really pleasant. Anyone looking for coffee with a great mixture of flavors should really consider drinking or at least trying Teasia House Blend. This is definitely a daily coffee flavor that I can start everyday with. I ended pairing my cup of coffee with a a fruit tart with mostly blueberries for those antioxidants which were the perfect pair!  If you’re looking to try a new coffee flavor go ahead and give this one a try.

Don’t forget, Teasia just came out with some new coffee blends in convenient k-cups.

  1. Breakfast Blend – Bright and crisp
  2. Donut Shop Blend – Classic velvety donut shop blend
  3. Teasia House Blend – Our hand-picked blend for our customers!
  4. French Roast Blend – Dark and luxurious

Comment below on what your favorite coffee is!


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