Coffee with Jose: Teasia Breakfast Blend K-Cup

It’s the middle of summer and I don’t want to waste a lot of time when it comes to preparing breakfast because I want to enjoy summer days. This morning I tried our new Teasia coffee Breakfast Blend.

Yogurt with Coffee

A wonderful strong aroma steams out from my mug as I prepare to take my first sip. I’ve added 3 creamers (vanilla flavored) along with some sugar to my coffee since I need some sugar and vanilla to wake me up! My first sip consisted of a wonderful tasting coffee with a smooth smoky taste with each sip. This is a wonderful tasting coffee and something I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a flavorful cup of joe. This coffee is best enjoyed at breakfast time with some yogurt and fresh berries!

Don’t forget, Teasia just came out with some new coffee blends in convenient k-cups.

  1. Breakfast Blend – Bright and crisp
  2. Donut Shop Blend – Classic velvety donut shop blend
  3. Teasia House Blend – Our hand-picked blend for our customers!
  4. French Roast Blend – Dark and luxurious

Comment below on what your favorite coffee is!

New Tea Flavors Announcement: Blackcurrant Tea

Stay Tuned-Blackcurrant

We’re excited to Reveal Blackcurrant Tea which is 1 out of 4 NEW FRUIT SERIES Tea Flavors coming this Summer! TUNE in EVERY WEEK to find out what our NEXT FRUIT SERIES Flavor is! Can you guess our next flavor? Comment below!⠀



Jose’s Teasia Coffee Tasting Summary

Favorite Coffees

Thank you for coming on this wonderful journey with me and seeing my take on all the different single origin coffee roasts provided courtesy of Teasia. There have been many coffee flavors I enjoyed and many that weren’t my preference. Throughout this whole experience there’s one thing that I didn’t change my mind on, which is enjoying a really strong and acidic coffee!

My top three favorite single origin coffee beans are: Burundi, Brazil Fazenda, and Ethiopia Sidamo. These three were perfect for me as they weren’t very acidic and contained a smooth flavor in every sip. The flavor profiles were perfect for anyone who isn’t into acidic or strong coffees. These beans tasted wonderful in latte form, which is one of my favorite types of drinks.

Strong Coffees

The main coffee beans that I didn’t enjoy  as much were Tanzania Peaberry, Rwanda and Nicaragua Segovia. These three single origin coffee beans were way too strong for me in flavor along with having a high acidic taste which made it not enjoyable for me. If you’re someone who really enjoys strong coffees like my coworkers or are looking for a good way up call early in the morning, I would highly consider picking one of these up.

Teasia has just come out with some coffee in k-cups with 4 new coffee blends that I can’t wait to try:

  1. Breakfast Blend – Bright and crisp
  2. Donut Shop Blend – Classic velvety donut shop blend
  3. Teasia House Blend – Our hand-picked blend for our customers!
  4. French Roast Blend – Dark and luxurious

Paulina’s Teasia Tea-a-Day Tasting – Day 10 with Black Tea


Day 10: Black Tea

Flavor Highlights: I enjoy the nutty aftertaste with this black tea. This is a drink I would also have instead of a coffee because of the caffeine boost it gives me without getting shaky.

A whole wheat toast with strawberry jam is what I would pair this tea with.  I normally will not go for this tea because of its’ bitterness, but to my surprise, this tea is incredibly smooth. The aroma is therapeutic and also delicious.

Want to try a variety of our Teasia teas without having to buy entire boxes of each flavor? Try our Variety Pack and discover your favorite! Each box includes our 4 flavors from our Formosa series: Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Roasted Oolong Tea, and Black Tea: Buy Now



Paulina’s Teasia Tea-a-Day Tasting – Day 4 with Jasmine Green Tea


For Day 4, I decided to pop in the Jasmine Green Tea kcup.

Flavor Highlights: I would recommend adding your favorite milk to this drink to help tone own the floral taste as it is pretty strong. If you like your teas sweet, don’t forget to add some sugar too!

Although this was not my personal favorite, I believe this drink would be best enjoyed while reading a book because of its’ energizing properties. I picked up on the floral aroma almost immediately. I didn’t like how much it smelled and tasted like flowers and I enjoy more toned down flavors for my tea. Several of my coworkers pick Jasmine Green Tea to be one of their top teas that they drink, but I’m more of a Green Tea type of girl.


Paulina’s Teasia Tea-a-Day Tasting – Day 2 with Green Tea


Day 2: Green Tea

I try to have at least one cup of green tea every day and I prefer this while working or enjoying a good book. What I enjoy most is the earthy blend of this Teasia tea. This blend is more flavorful than those I find in the grocery store. I like to use the K-cup twice before throwing it out, that’s how great of quality these are.

Flavor Highlights: Green tea is already a great go-to tea because of its’ health benefits and antioxidants, not to mention I definitely felt that caffeine boost after having a cup. This tea is enjoyable with honey and lemon.

The next tea that I’m trying is going to be Oolong Tea! I’m pretty excited about it so stay tuned.